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Kaimori B. founders
Kaimori B. founders


Our story began with a friendship that was established during middle school. Over time, we experienced life side-by-side growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, which formed our sister bond. One of the greatest joys we share is traveling together and we have been on countless trips making immeasurable memories.

Over the course of time, we’ve found that sexy, yet tasteful swimwear is a novelty. With a yearning to create something of our own, we decided to take this issue head-on and share the holy grail of swimsuits with all women aspiring to embrace confidence, comfort, and style. With a lot of hard work and dedication, Kaimori B. now offers a high quality, unique swimwear collection.


We truly hope that you love your purchase and we look forward to seeing you rock your Kaimori B. suits via social media. Share your Kaimori B. images with us on Instagram @kaimorib.

 xo Dawn and Brittany

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